OTEC`s primary goal is to ensure that individuals who experience intellectual disabilities are afforded opportunities for paid employment.

Our secondary goal is to assist program participants in becoming active, engaged community citizens, or to help enhance current level(s) of engagement.

Anyone who we have ever worked with possesses varying degrees of education, work, life experiences, interests, and support needs. Therefore, our programs and services are tailored individually, and based on a combination of all of the above.

At all times, OTEC strives toward a client-centred, strengths based approach toward assessment and success.

In order to accomplish these goals, we:

  1. Seek out employment opportunities with program participants for permanent, paid employment;
  2. Provide individual vocational plans including goals and objectives, reviewed regularly;
  3. Provide ongoing support for employers or community agency partners;
  4. Provide ongoing support to program participants at their paid work or volunteer placement;
  5. Continuously work to improve and grow OTEC through training and education, and community partnership collaboration where possible.