Programs & Services

Community Work Placements Training

OTEC’s community work placements program aims for teaching practical on-the-job experience that can be applied to a varietyof work settings.

Training includes:

  • Employment skills – assessment and skill building;
  • Career counseling/assessment;
  • Transition to work readiness;
  • Job preparation – Resumes, interviews, dress atire, workplace policies, etc.;
  • Job matching – as much as possible, self-directed job search with ‘job matching’ primary goal.
  • Focus Forward – Work Essential Skills ProgramCommunity Work PlacementsTwo important goals of community work placements are (1) to raise awareness and enhance the level of understanding of community members and peers, that OTEC participants be considered active citizens and valuable employees within community organizations and (2) that OTEC participants are performing at their full potential whenever safe and possible to do so.In addition to helping locate and secure paid work placements, once Employment placement is underway, OTEC provides employment services and support to both the Employers and OTEC work program participants.These services are facilitated through a variety of means and based on individual needs.

    Services provided include:

    • On-Site Support as needed. This can mean full time support, part time support, or occasional support;
    • Employment Maintenance/Monitoring. Regardless of the level of support an OTEC work participant may require, our Community Placement Coordinators do not wait for a phone call from employers. Regular check-ins form a part of our service.

    Community Service Work

    Personal Development and Community Service is an area of training wherein OTEC emphasizes the importance of building community partnerships by helping fellow non profit agencies in their work to help in bettering our community around us.

    Some of the Agencies OTEC program participants have helped through volunteering their time are:

    • Oromocto Rotary Club
    • Oromocto Food Bank
    • Oromocto Public Library
    • Oromocto Public Hospital

    Bottle Recycling Service 

    OTEC recycles its own bottles for refund at the local bottle exchange depot. Many local businesses support this program by contacting OTEC whenever they have bottles to be picked up.This not only increases fundraising monies but also aids in fostering community relationships, a valuable social skill that OTEC supports within its training modules. If you would like to register to become  apart of this program please contact us @ 357 – 3397. We will gladly pick up any recycables you would like to donate to our program.